Corazon Azul Spirits has introduced Tequila Sin Rival

Tequila enthusiast nationwide are preparing their plates as Ultra-Premium Tequila Sin Rival redefines the taste and quality of Tequila with its new entry into the marketplace. Tequila Sin Rival has been hand crafted from 100% pure blue Weber Agave plants and produced with special techniques that provide for an "evolutionary leap" in flavor profiles and quality.

Tequila Sin Rival outstanding flavor profile comes both from its use of 100% pure blue weber agave and unconventional techniques used by master distillers use in producing this tequila. Combining the over 200 year old traditions from the past with 21st century technology, Tequila Sin Rival makers have created a distinct taste like nothing else in the market today.

Hailing from the state of  Jalisco and Sonora Tequila Sin Rival founders searched across the whole panoply of tequila brands to satisfy their own plates. 'as much as they enjoyed some of the offerings, they felt there was something missing, "recalls founder and co founder Rodolfo and Armida Gonzalez. Sensing other connoisseurs and would be connoisseurs might be feeling the same way, all partners of Corazon Azul Spirits. Tequila Sin Rivals parents company found master tequileur Ing.